PUBG Global 32 Bit Apk + Obb Latest Version 3.1

Want to play the popular battle royale game PUBG on your older or lower-end device? The new PUBG Global 32-Bit APK and OBB files for Version 3.1 let you do just that! This lightweight version is designed to run smoothly on 32-bit Android phones and tablets with limited RAM and processing power.

What Is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. It’s the mobile adaptation of the wildly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which took the gaming world by storm back in 2017. The concept is simple: 100 players parachute onto an island, scavenge for weapons, and fight tooth and nail until only one remains standing. That last person standing gets the much-wanted chicken dinner, which is an example for winning.

What is PUBG Mobile 32 Bit?

PUBG Mobile 32 Bit is a specialized version of the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, designed specifically for devices with 32-bit processors. While the standard version of PUBG Mobile typically requires a 64-bit processor, the 32-bit variant caters to older devices that don’t meet the 64-bit system requirements.

Benefits of PUBG Global 32 Bit

  1. Compatibility: If your phone or tablet rocks a 32-bit chipset, this version is your golden ticket. It allows you to jump into the battlegrounds without feeling left out.
  2. Smooth Performance: By optimizing graphics and game code, the 32-bit version delivers smoother framerates and less lag. No more frustrating stutters during intense firefights!
  3. All Core Features: Don’t worry; you won’t miss out on anything. From weapons and vehicles to maps and gameplay modes, it’s all here.
  4. Free to Play: Just like its 64-bit sibling, the 32-bit version won’t cost you a dime. Download, play, and conquer!

How to Download and Install PUBG Global 32 Bit

System Requirements

Before downloading and installing PUBG Global 32 Bit, it’s essential to ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements. The game is optimized for 32-bit systems and requires a certain amount of storage space, RAM, and processing power. Check the official system requirements to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Downloading the APK and OBB Files

To download PUBG Global 32 Bit, you’ll need to obtain the APK (Android Package) file and the OBB (Opaque Binary Blob) file. These files can be downloaded from trusted and reputable sources online. Be cautious of unofficial or potentially malicious websites, as they may contain harmful content or viruses.

Installation Process

Once you have downloaded the APK and OBB files, follow these steps to install PUBG Global 32 Bit on your device:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the downloaded APK file and tap on it to begin the installation process.
  3. After the APK installation is complete, locate the OBB file and extract it to the appropriate location on your device’s internal or external storage.
  4. Launch the PUBG Global 32 Bit app, and the game should now be ready to play.


Everything you need to know about PUBG Global 32 Bit has been covered in this article, including the game’s points on, how to download and install it. As a PUBG pro or a beginner, this version provides an exciting and realistic battle royale experience.

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